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Welcome to Kristin Flood Inspired, LLC Coaching Services.  My web page is presently under initial construction.  I look forward to sharing information, advice, and articles on Coaching and what it can do to make positive changes in your life.  Stay tuned!

Dream BIG with a Coach

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Everyone has dreams.  Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.  Dreams cover all aspects of your life.  Dreams about personal and professional success. Dreams for our future, our loved ones.  Dreams that cost money, dreams that cost only our personal investment and time.

Many people die before they have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.  Why?  Because dreams are often BIG and take time and energy.  Our lives are busy, stressed, overwhelming.  Who has time to live out a dream when they are just trying to live through each day?

So what do we do with all these dreams?  Do they just stay a dream, something that we would like to have but it is only a fantasy?  Or do we go after them and make them a reality? Is that really even possible?

As a Professional and Personal Success Coach I can 100% tell you that your dream is possible and can become a reality.  Dreams, however can not be achieved with the wave of a magic wand.  Like most things in life, it requires some work and focus.  As a Coach I have seen clients change their lives, start living their dreams simply by spending some time focusing on what they want and how they can get there.

What if I told you that you could begin living your dreams if you would commit only 1/2 hour three times a month to focus on that dream?  Would you be willing to schedule that time in your busy schedule in order to move in the direction you want to go with your life?

If the answer is YES, then let’s begin tomorrow!

All you have to do is schedule three one half hour coaching sessions with me.  I will utilize this time to help you identify your dreams, create achievable action plans, and then help you stay accountable on that pathway.  I will support you 100%, help you get unstuck by utilizing various NLP processes, and inspire you to get to your final destination.

Don’t let that BIG dream remain in your heart, mind and soul as a figment of your imagination.  Get started with me ASAP and let your heart and soul soar with happiness!

Trying to achieve your dreams?  I provide coaching to individuals, couples, and teams on issues that can make or break your professional and personal success.  Sessions in-person or by telephone.  Your initial consultation is free.  www.kristinfloodinspired.com

Why Dream, Believe, Inspire is my tag line

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2015 Photos 008   Keenan (age 11) and Shrek

When I opened up my business, Kristin Flood Inspired, LLC the words dream, believe, inspire seemed to fit my vision as a coach.  Those three simple words spoke to me not only as a professional but personally.

Working as a coach, it is my role to support my client 100%!  It is not about me, it is about the client.  It is not about the coaches dreams but the clients dreams.  Dreaming is the first step of the coaching process!  As a client you get the time, space, and assistance to help you get to those dreams and visions locked away in your head and heart.

This world is in constant fast forward motion.  Who has the time to sit down and think about what you want, need, and can do both personally and professionally?  Even if we have 1/2 hour of uninterrupted time, we really don’t use it to think, dream or get our minds tapped into “vision”.  Realistically when I have anytime at all, I find something to do.  Clean the bathroom, go to the grocery store, make a few lists, call a friend, sort mail, take a bubble bath, take a nap, and the list goes on and on.

The beauty of hiring a Coach is you truly schedule an appointment to DREAM!  The coach is the facilitator of those dreams.  As a coach I will stop your mind from wandering to all the things you should be doing right now and help you focus on your dreams.  Let’s tap into your soul, your heart, your mind and quickly get you to that place that you can start to dream of what you want.  In one half hour coaching session we can start to open up your mind and soul to the all the possibilities.  If you never take the time to slow down, you will never find access your dreams.

Believe.  Believe is word that encompasses so much.  So much that I did a crazy thing recently and got the word BELIEVE tattooed on my right foot.  Most people who know me were sure I hit mid-life crisis.  Maybe I did.  However believe is one word that speaks to my soul personally, spiritually, and professionally.  So I put it right there in my line of vision to remind me that all things are possible if you just believe!

As a Coach I see talented and passionate people who not reaching their full potential at work or at home.  First of all they are too busy to take the time to dream and tap into that unused passion and talent.  Even if they identify their dreams they often fall short of success because they do not truly BELIEVE that it is possible.

As humans we are experts in the EXCUSE business.  We can come up with an excuse to fall short and cover our guilty feelings by believing in the excuse.  We all have those excuse gremlins that attack our subconscious minds and tell us we can’t do something.  Those gremlins are the creators of the excuses and they love it every time you succumb to on.  The gremlin wins and you lose every time.

As a human, wife, mother, friend, peer, and Coach I wrap myself in belief.  I believe in people, I believe in a higher power, I believe in myself, I believe in my family, my friends and I definitely believe 100% in my clients.  I support them, believe in them until they can and do believe 100% in themselves.  Without that belief, your dreams will never become reality.  When I forget to believe all look at my foot and focus on BELIEVE.  We always get more of what we focus on.

INSPIRE.  I stumbled on the word inspire quite by accident.  People have always described me as positive and motivating!  As a Coach I want to motivate people!  Then I realized, no one ever motivates me to do anything.  I have to motivate myself.  Motivate to me is putting one foot in front of the other and only I can motivate myself to a forward moving direction.  In fact, I can motivate backwards at times just as easily!  However, I have had people who inspire me.  They inspired me to become a better person, a better mother, a wonderful RN, and to become a Coach.  Those people didn’t motivate me really, they put some inspirational fire inside my soul and inspired the passion, talent, and abilities I already had within to get me moving forward full steam ahead.

As a Coach I love to inspire people to find a life that is truly theirs and speaks to their heart.  We are not all made from the same simple cookie cutter!  Everyone in this life is cut from a very unique mold.  We all have different passions, talents, weaknesses, abilities and even disabilities.  What works for one won’t work for another.  My idea of what happiness is may be nothing like the next person’s vision of a happy life.

One of my greatest inspirations is in the picture above smiling ear to ear as he finally met Shrek for the first time!  This is my 11 year old son, Keenan who happens to have Down Syndrome and is somewhere on the Autism spectrum.  In 11 short years, he has taught me more than any non-disabled human being!  He dreams daily.  He believes in himself and every human, animal, TV character, and angel without any doubts.  He is naturally inspired to just live life.  He lives daily without taking along the baggage of every day.  He truly lives life in the moment!  He is by far the happiest person I have had the pleasure to meet in this lifetime.

He is an inspiration.  Not only to me but to countless people and family members.  His infectious personality is a joy to others.  Watching him I’m am inspired as he struggles to talk, to read, to fit into this world where he really is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. If he can overcome the challenges having an extra chromosome have given him, then heck so can I and so can everyone else.

We think we are the only ones with struggles.  It is easy to have a pity party.  Sometimes we believe we need so much to really be happy.  Looking through his eyes I see that we are sometimes unhappy because we make it too complicated.  He simply is happy 99% of the time.  Yes, he has moments of anxiety, frustration, sadness, fears, insecurities just like the rest of us.  He just doesn’t dwell on it.  He doesn’t have those nasty gremlins talking in his ear. If he does, he must ignore them and thus they don’t exist.  Yes, it is that easy.

My hope for all of you today is to begin to dream.  Keep it simple at first.  Maybe you really just dream of meeting Shrek the big green ogre! Don’t close your mind to your dreams.  Life offers many possibilities.  We often believe windows and doors are locked to us, when they are just one little push away.

Believe in YOU!  If you don’t have the strength or have barriers in your way, find someone to help you believe in yourself.  Your family, a friend, a counselor, a peer, a Coach.  If you need me, I am just an appointment away!

Inspire-find inspiration in this life.  People are inspired by many things.  Faith, God, meditation, people, nature, fun. Tap into inspiration.  Inspire others anyway you can!  In inspiring and serving others I am truly internally inspired and blessed.

Wishing you all peace, health, happiness, and the start to finding your life’s dreams and purpose.